YBG x University of Ghana


Young Black and Global hosts a study abroad program to give African American university students of the African diaspora the experience of traveling to new nations, studying and immersing themselves in new cultures while exploring how these communities relate to themselves and their future. There is a fundamental need for students to have a strong historical and contemporary context about their own history and the history of Africa, combined with elevated critical thinking techniques and deep deconstruction of our own colonial and western ideologies. Our goal is to offer a solid historical foundation around Africa, the African diaspora, and world history; while equipping the next generation with the skills and cultural development necessary to evolve into global change agents.

YBG has partnered with the University of Ghana (UG) to produce a robust study abroad program in which students of the diaspora will study Africa through its past, present, and future context. YBG will be working Led by the University’s Ghana to the World initiative, the YBG program will allow students to study, volunteer, and visit historic sites around Ghana.

The program will be offered annually, and will be split into two cohorts: a Spring cohort and a Summer cohort. The first Spring cohort will take place from January 2nd through April 23rd, 2023; and the Summer cohort will take place during the month of June. Both cohorts will host 20 collegiate students. 

The Spring cohort will follow a rotational format in which 10 students will spend seven weeks in Accra studying in the classroom; while the other 10 students will be in Kumasi executing a community development project. After seven weeks the two student-groups will swap cities. 

Upon completion of the semester, students will receive a Certificate of Participation, a University of Ghana transcript, and 12 credits toward their degree at their host university.




YBG has carefully selected a set of courses that give students a full picture of Africa, as well as their relation to the issues around the continent. YBG & the University of Ghana will offer 4 accredited Africana Studies courses: 

  1. 1. Africa and the Diaspora 
  2. 2. Africa in the Contemporary World
  3. 3. Gender and Development 
  4. 4. Philosophy in African Culture

These courses will be administered by University of Ghana professors, offering students an African-centered lens on history.



  1. 1. Must be enrolled in or a graduate from a 2-year or 4-year university
  2. 2. Must have a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA 
  3. 3. Transcript from your host university
  4. 4. Must have a valid passport
  5. 5. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination card, yellow fever vaccination, and malaria pills 


All of our students will be housed in our Mwasi SPACE Accra and Kumasi houses. We have designed our SPACE houses to meet the standards of the West in décor and amenities; but maintain the warmth and cultural touches of Africa.

Each house is equipped with a driver, a private cook serving 2 meals per day, and a housekeeper.




Per Student

What's Included ?

Admission Fee
Institutional Fee
Use of learning facilities and logistics
Visa on Arrival Facilitation
Certificate of Participation
GTW souvenirs
University of Ghana transcript (when available)  
Housing Accommodations
Ground Transportation
Cultural Tours around Ghana
Breakfast and Dinner
Security Guards